Our dog walks funny on the shingle beach at Kippford
Heather and sea. Out of place rocks on Bengairn. Itís very wet underfoot
Suddenly surrounded by Painted Ladies amongst the thistles on the coast path to Sandyhills
Itís summer in the glasshouse at Threave. Outside it feels like February.
In a grassy hollow on the cliffs above Balcary. A smell of coconut from the nearby gorse. The wind whistles above
Lying behind piles of rocks near Cairnsmore of Fleet summit the only sound is of skylarks and I donít want to leave
Our socks got wet and sandy but we donít care. The warm sun at Mossyard feels like a holiday
Kitchen Cactus
Pollarded Tree Evening Moon
The Artists Dog, Asleep
Beach Rocks, Galloway
Balcary Towards the lakes
Solway Isle
Dark Sky Golden Moon
The Lobster Party
Blue Moon Hare
Blue Moon Pheasant
Late Winter Light, Threave
Red Legs, Blue Moon
Harvest Moon Pheasant
Game, Set and Match
Favorite Green Chair
Chaise Longue Lover
Pomegranate on Gold
Birch Wood, Threave
Pomegranate Reflections
Peaceful Plant
Lobsters and Chips
Full Moon Pheasant
Fruit Shapes
The Statue
The Statue 2
Mango on Gold
Gone For A Walk
Houseplant with tape measure and bee
Pop Socks
Night Out, Skinny Jeans
The Tailor 2
The Conversation
Dragon Fruit on Box
Dog Reclining 5
Boxed Fruit
Piccolo in stripes
Summer Gazing
Dragon Fruit on Plate
Boxed Apple